I’m an infrastructure engineer and two-time Recurser (S’14 and S’16) currently on a sabbatical after having most recently worked at Etsy. Some of my favorite things: cats, maple sugar candies, zines about witches and dumplings, Jorge Luis Borges, and unloseable video games as a form of relaxation. I always love to talk about fun wordplay and art coding projects!

Some of my favorite personal projects I’ve done:

  • Cat Nickname Generator — A random cat nickname generator based on actual nicknames used by my actual roommates for their cat.

  • Library World — A text adventure that takes place in a variety of fictional libraries.

  • Botched Replication - A copy of the complete text of Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “The Library of Babel” that mutates over time to mimic descent with modification.

You can find the source code for all of the above projects on my Github if you’re curious about implementation details.